There's No Food like Slow Food

It’s very possible, particularly in the last few years, that many of you will have heard about The Slow Food Movement. But there's also every chance that some of you may be wondering “What on Earth is it?” and “How does this affect me?” So today we’re going to let you in on how Slow Food could transform the way you view the food that you eat and buy, and how here at Land O’ Tastes, we’re doing what we can to keep the movement alive and our customers gastronomic relationships healthy and thriving!

The Slow Food Organisation was originally established by Carlo Petrini and a group of Italian activists in the 1980s, with the goal of reconnecting the ever growing section of society following a fast pace, fast food lifestyle with a slower, cleaner and happier way of life through the food on our plates. Now, with millions of supporters internationally, the movement focuses on the “strong connections between plate, planet, people, politics and culture” and on achieving their aims:

· To restore people’s interest surrounding the food they eat

· To bring to light how our food choices affect the world around us

· To acknowledge the value of retaining and adopting recipes and methods from local food traditions

· To promote the pleasure of good food, and food production systems that maintain a standard of good, clean and fair food available for everybody

With a huge network of programmes taking place across the world, including biodiversity projects to help protect endangered dishes and food traditions, food and tastes education to teach people to choose and enjoy good food, and their Slow Food Youth Network which links together young people with a passion for changing the global food systems.

What Happens at Land O' Tastes to Support Slow Food?

Going Loco for Locally Sourced!

As our main effort to contribute to the Slow Food Movement, we are grateful that at Land O' Tastes we have, and use the opportunity to source almost all of our products from the Scottish Borders and just beyond. This allows us to provide our community with produce of maximum quality and flavour, while also supporting local businesses and economy, and hugely reducing our carbon footprint. Our customers have the capability to easily learn exactly where the products that we offer come from, and are given the chance to try different, unique foods that you wouldn't find in a supermarket.

Send Packaging Packing!

At Land O' Tastes, we try our best to be as packageless as possible. Our loose fruit and vegetables allow customers to buy fresh produce in a "Farm to Fork Strategy" way, meaning your shopping is sustainable, environmentally friendly and waste free. Although we aren't entirely package free, many of our products are packaged in reusable and recyclable options like glass bottles.

Simon Says...

"The Slow Food Movement relies on communities coming together to create and use suitable food resources to care for our own health and wellbeing, and the sustainability of the world around us. At Land O' Tastes, we have been fortunate to have the ability to allow our business to contribute to the growth of the movement, and we couldn't have done it without the amazing support of our local community, and the fantastic array of food suppliers in and around our area."

The Slow Food Movement still has a long way to go until our world's food systems are sustainable, healthy and fair, but by supporting both the big programmes and small businesses that are all trying to play their part, one day we will reach the original goals of the movements founders.

See you soon on your sustainable shop!

From everyone here at Land O' Tastes

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