Best Way for your Five a Day!

It’s no word of a lie that all of us need our fruit and vegetables to keep our bodies healthy and functioning correctly. But we think that we speak for many of us when we say that it can be so difficult to even just think about achieving our "Five a Day”, let alone actually committing to it. But with so much research to prove the benefits of fresh produce, here at Land O' Tastes we knew that we needed to create a trustworthy resource that allows our customers to easily shop and eat healthy without the stress!

Our wonderfully diverse fruit and vegetable display unit is always filled with beautifully fresh produce, and brightens up our shop with the stunning natural colours!

Wide Range of Produce

All year round, we provide our customers with a huge range of delicious fruits and vegetables. By stocking specific seasonal produce, we assure our customers of the best taste, with a reduced carbon footprint.

We do continue to stock some out-of-season items such as strawberries throughout the year, however we recommend waiting until in-season for maximum quality and flavour.

Freshest of the Fresh!

With several deliveries each week, our fruit and veg is always lovely and fresh; perfect for grabbing a quick healthy snack or to create some nutritiously delicious dishes (try saying that 3 times in a row!).

Say YES to Packageless!

As part of our efforts to go greener, almost all of our fresh produce is packageless, which gives our customers the freedom to shop for the amount they want, instead of being obliged to take a packet full. Not only is this a more waste free way to shop, but also a more cost effective way too. All together, it’s more money in your pocket, and less waste in the bin!

Although we provide the option of paper bags and boxes, we encourage our shoppers to bring their own reusable bags to keep their shop eco friendly.

Why not order a fruit or veg box?

Available to order right here on our website, we offer our fruit and veg boxes. We can make you up a box full of our tasty fruit or veg for 2-6 people, starting at just £10! And if you’re in the mood for both fruit and veg, we also offer our £5 add-on boxes along with your order!

Delivery to your Door

If you're one of our Hawick or Jedburgh customers, then we offer to deliver your fruit and veg boxes right to your door! (as Covid-19 restrictions allow)

Simon Says...

“It’s a pleasure to provide our local community with fresh, great quality produce in a more sustainable and economic way. We’re grateful that our customers appreciate the way we do fruit and veggies at Land O’ Tastes.”

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that there is a brilliant way to eat healthily with us here at Land O’ Tastes, and that it’s not only nutritious, but economic and green too! It may not be easy for all of us to get our "Five a Day", but with the great resources that we offer in our shop, we’re sure you’ll achieve it!

Lettuce know if you have any questions about our produce. (See what we did there!)

Happy healthy eating!

From everyone here at Land O’ Tastes

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