Land O' Tastes was born in the Scottish Borders town of Hawick from the knowledge and experience that I gained as a top chef during my 38 year career in the hotel and restaurant industry. Over those years I spent many days and nights creating dressings, sauces, dips and drizzles for a whole variety of dishes, turning simple food into interesting and delicious mouthfulls of flavour.
Now, sourcing many of our ingredients from the land around Hawick and the Scottish Borders, we have created a Land O' Tastes range of eclectic flavours produced to restaurant standard, to tempt your taste buds and deliver the quality you deserve.
From dressings and sauces, to chutneys, soups and more, our products are perfect for all you foodies. So whether you're a deli, a food supplier, a restaurant, or simply someone who appreciates the finest, good quality products at home, there's a Land O' Tastes creation just for you! And they're all made right here in Hawick.

Simon Findlay